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East a rising, red morning sun. West a silver full moon. A gravel path to a hidden plateau by the sea. There, a labyrinth: ten concentric circles of stone. Lulling ocean waves and still air. Then a gust that sends pleats of oxblood crepe flying high. Thick velvet and delicate lace on cold skin and cold stone.

From the first moment to the last, this shoot was one of change. Changing light, changing wind, changing ocean waves. There were moments of complete quiet and stillness and moments of loud rumbling of the ocean waves below. First the light was purple, then more and more pastel shades emerged, until it settled into a diffuse cool white morning light with a bit of warmth from the East.

Christina, quiet and sweet, thoughtful and romantic, twirled and swayed along the rugged stone labyrinth. Her quiet energy, the movement of the dress, and colors of the day lend the already sublime landscape a bit more mystery.

The Land’s End Labyrinth is a marvel and a bit of a hidden gem. The ascent through twisted Cypress trunks and thicket opens to a panoramic vista of the San Francisco bay with the Golden Gate Bridge standing still to one side and peaceful rocky coastal views to the other. At sunrise no one is here. You can feel like a visitor from another planet breathing in the cold air and walking along the mysterious labyrinth of stone.

Christina, San Francisco fashion blogger of Closet Luxe chose the oxblood pleated Vici Collection dress which provided inspiration for the rest of the styling. We paired Victoria Secret lace lingerie with a velvet kimono by Roffe Accessories, custom dyed to the dress’s shade of red. Soft, natural makeup by Angy Guzman, Vince Camuto shoes in nude suede, and gold Anthropologie earrings and Chanel rings finished the simple, elegant, and romantic look. In the end, more than anything else, it was the glory of the morning, that brought Christina’s vision of ethereal beauty to life.


Christina’s Boudoir Portrait

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