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Joyce’s Thoughts on Femininity

Joyce’s Thoughts on Femininity

Femininity is defined as “the quality of being female.” That’s incredibly vague! As a women’s portrait photographer and a woman myself, I am fascinated by this elusive quality.

So to bring more depth to the photo stories on the blog, and in the hope to shed some light on what “quality of being female” is, I have started a series of interviews with inspiring women, special clients, and thoughtful entrepreneurs catering to women, on the topic of femininity.

Here is a short exchange I had with Joyce before I started the project.

Did you have any concerns about having intimate pictures taken? If so, how did it work out?

In my culture an intimate picture of the body is not something natural. My country of origin is a paternalist one. Women used to serve men and used to hide their body for very long. I always felt different from what the society was trying to impose on me. But exposing my body was always an issue. I felt curious about it but insecure doing so. In fact, I was simply not proud of my body.

What changed the game was finding eyes that admired me for what I am and who I am. The love that I received and I’m still receiving created confidence. And it helped revealing the women that I was and am now.

What do you think it means to be feminine?

Being feminine is the freedom of being who I am regardless of conventions and preconceptions. I’m happy to be a woman and I’m happy the world appreciates me as a woman.

Can you give an example of when you felt very feminine?

When I was wearing that gorgeous and sensual dress close to the Seine in the street of Paris. I was feeling proud in such a romantic place. I was feeling very good.

See Joyce in her portrait photos along the Seine and her Parisian Apartment boudoir photos.