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With AI technology revolutionizing various industries, I was eager to explore its potential for professional photographers; this led me to try out Photoshop Beta, and in this blog post, I want to share my journey and thoughts on why professional photographers should give it a cautious try.

Why Try out Photoshop Beta as a Professional Photographer? 

In the fast-paced and competitive photography industry, staying informed about technological advancements is essential. By exploring the Photoshop Beta version, I gained early access to cutting-edge features and tools being developed by Adobe. This allowed me to experiment with new techniques, pushing the boundaries of my creative vision and maintaining a fresh style in my photography.

Participating in the beta program provided me with a unique opportunity to contribute my feedback and insights to the development of Photoshop. As a professional photographer, this involvement ensured that the final release of the software would meet the specific needs of photographers like myself. 

AI and Photography: My Initial Thoughts and Questions

Before diving into Photoshop Beta, I pondered the integration of AI technology into my editing process. As someone with a minimalist and natural aesthetic, I was skeptical about using AI for extensive edits. 

Coming from a background in film photography, I have learned the importance of capturing the perfect image in-camera. Generally, I believe that if something wasn’t present when the photo was taken, it shouldn’t be added later. Although I’m not dogmatic about it.

I do recognize the value of tools like content-aware fill for removing unwanted elements. I have used it in my editing process to removecigarette butts, trash cans in the background, messy footprints in the sand, and photobombing strangers. Although it hasn’t always worked perfectly, it has been a useful tool.

Considering these aspects, I was curious to see how AI could enhance and streamline my workflow.

Testing AI Image Technology: Photoshop Beta Shot by Shot

To maintain professional integrity and privacy, I chose to experiment with personal photos rather than client images. The results were intriguing and sometimes unexpected. 

See for yourself…

First up, the Generative Fill feature. You select an area and tell Photoshop Beta what to put there. It gives you three options.

I’ll include the original photo and the one edited with Photoshop Beta side-by-side for comparison. It’s an odd sort of spot-the-difference game. 

In fact, it’s quite fun to use the feature. You can make an improv game out of this. The anticipation as the bar load is perfect!

Here I asked generative content feature to give me a different manicure. I also requested a flower lei and an umbrella in my drink. 😬

best cocktails on maui Ocean Vodka
AI Generated Photo Photoshop Beta weird manicure

For this photo, I told it to add a monkey, a baby monkey, and to put something in the monkey’s hands. I left what to put in the monkey’s hands vague on purpose. 

Coconut palm tree on Maui
AI generated photo generative fill monkey on palm tree holding strange thing

Anyone know what the monkey is holding??? It looks like a formaldehyde-preserved ear to me. 👀 

Photoshopping the moon is kind of cheesy, eh? I wanted to see how Photoshop Beta does a full-blown moon and palm tree silhouette, so I tried…

Hawaiian Night Sky moon and stars
cheese moon and palm tree silhouette AI generated

Still cheesy, and not very realistic.

For the next one, I told it to put in a hand that’s picking the bananas, and a bird on top of the bananas. I can’t see how that sign has anything to do with birds.

Hawaiian apple bananas
AI generated fill Photoshop beta strange things

Can you spot the 4 differences between these two photos? 

Pau hana at Ocean Vodka Maui for cocktails and pizza
Generative Fill adds picnic blanket and too big coconuts Photoshop Beta AI

A bit big on the coconuts.

Next, I attempted to use Photoshop Beta to enhance my own appearance. I tried to make myself look pregnant and the result was too grotesque to show.

Instead, I opted for a “boob job.” Surprisingly, the software returned an error message, prohibiting such modifications. As part of the error message, it gave me a whole list of prohibited modifications. Some of which are completely understandable, others are vague.

The breast enhancement bit struck me as peculiar, considering the existing liquify filter that allows for similar adjustments.

I requested a darker shade of lipstick and promptly ended up with a Cruella de Vil smile. I also tried to add a hat and it completely changed my face and hair. 

Cocktails at Ocean Vodka in the sugar cane
AI Photoshop Beta Fail

Apparently, the AI program for Photo Shop Beta can’t spell. I asked it to write ‘Aloha’ in the sand, and it returned three equally badly misspelled options. 🤷‍♀️

Footprints in the sand on Maui
AI fails too write Aloha in the sand Photoshop Beta AI Image Technology

Now on to the image expansion tool. As the name suggest, you can re-crop and expand an existing photo and the Generative Fill feature will fill in the newly created space. 

I found this to work quite well, and was very impressed with it.

From this portrait to a wider landscape…

plumerias and sun flare on Maui
AI image expansion tool from Photoshop Beta
Maui building sandcastles at the beach
AI image expansion tool from Photoshop Beta
camping food at olowalu maui
AI image expansion tool from Photoshop Beta

And now from landscape to a portrait orientation…

Wailea Beach Resort Aloha sign Maui
AI image expansion tool from Photoshop Beta

Wow! Those are pretty good!

The Upshot of My AI Image Technology Photoshop Beta Experiment

Overall, my experience with Photoshop Beta was a mix of positive and thought-provoking moments. The software proved beneficial for tasks like image expansion but had limitations when it came to adding objects or animals. It seems, I like adding animals. Haha. 

I discovered that AI can alter people’s features in unexpected and bizarre ways, reminding me of the importance of using such tools responsibly.

Additionally, there seem to be some good and bad rules forbidding certain modifications. I do understand why the rules are in place, and won’t delve further into that subject, which is a whole snake pit onto itself.

The Impact of AI on the Photography Industry

While embracing AI in photography opens up exciting possibilities, it also raises important questions regarding the integrity of the craft.

Some clients may opt for AI-generated photos instead of hiring a photographer. From the perspective of a mother and a human being, something feels off about that. Would you choose to have AI create fake family photos of a real or fictional vacation to Hawaii, or would you prefer to have genuine photos taken? Personally, I can’t imagine replacing a photo of my two-year-old’s actual toothless grin with a computer-generated likeness based on other photos. Something feels very off with that.

However, I can envision using AI tools to enhance photos. Looking ahead, I foresee AI technology evolving to become a powerful aid in image enhancement while respecting the individual photographer’s style. Customizable presets that adapt to each photographer’s editing preferences could simplify and streamline post-processing, offering greater consistency and efficiency.

For instance, I hope AI will become a preset tool that learns your individual editing style (whether pastel, ethereal, vibrant, or warm) and applies it universally to all your photos, regardless of lighting and color temperatures. This could extend to cropping and light retouching preferences as well. Something similar to the Color PAC offered by Richard Photo Lab, but even more extensive.

The Best Possible Future of AI Technology in Photography

Looking ahead, I envision AI technology evolving to become a powerful aid in enhancing images while respecting the individual photographer’s style. Customizable presets that adapt to each photographer’s editing preferences could simplify and streamline post-processing, offering greater consistency and efficiency.

However, it is crucial to emphasize the importance of maintaining clients’ trust and safeguarding their likeness, reinforcing principles of ownership and responsibility.

While AI tools can assist in minimal enhancements, I believe that capturing genuine moments and memories through photography remains paramount. Preserving authenticity and individual style is crucial in a world where fabricated images can easily blur the lines of truth.

Clearly, as AI technology for photos advances and improves, it will allow us to manipulate and create all sorts of half-true and completely fabricated photos. Dealing with the consequences of this, both legally and socially, will pose significant challenges. ‘Fake News’, anyone?

How AI Technology: Photoshop Beta Will Shape My Own Photography Business

Personally, I can see myself using AI to expand an image with a too tight crop or to transform a portrait shot into a landscape shot during the post-editing process, or vice versa.

Furthermore, I will always prioritize my clients’ trust that their photos and likeness are secure with me. In an increasingly complex world where photos can be manipulated in various unsettling ways, I strive to stand for ownership and responsibility. For this reason, I am adding a clause in my contract that affirms that they own their likeness and that I stand by the values of  responsibility, propriety, and integrity.


Trying out Photoshop Beta as a professional photographer was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to explore the potential of AI in my craft.

Right now, Photoshop Beta wows with its photo expansion capabilities, but still has a ways to go when it comes to its generative content function.

As professional photographers, AI can be a helpful tool to enhance photos. However, to what degree we choose to use it is an individual decision. 

Personally, I prefer to preserve genuine memories with my photos, rather than creating fake ones.

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My Experience with AI Image Technology — Photoshop Beta

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