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A riverbank along the Seine. Green, rust, gold, and bronze. A gust of September wind, still warm. Confident, purposeful eyes gazing ahead with purpose and intent.

For Joyce’s feminine portrait I wanted to create something that is effortlessly elegant, daring, and sensuous–all qualities Joyce has. In addition it needed to reflect her confidence and adventurous but warm personality.

The main inspiration for the styling came from the exquisite beading and olive and rust coloring of the beautiful Paolo Corona gown. Paolo is an incredibly talented Parisian made-to-measure designer who works privately with clients on one-of-a-kind designs. His motto is “luxury is hidden in the details,” and it shows. His every creation is a work of art!

With that in mind I selected an outdoor and indoor location, twigs and branches inspired by the tree-lined cobblestone Seine promenade for her hair and as a loose cover for the lingerie portion of the shoot. The outdoor spot we chose was quite private and safe from most onlookers and prying eyes, but posing in a semi-sheer couture dress on a cobblestone riverbank in Paris takes courage and confidence. Joyce had that courage and comfort with her body.

She later said that, “My favorite moment was when I was wearing that gorgeous and sensual dress close to the Seine in the street of Paris. I was feeling proud in such a romantic place. I was feeling very good.”

See the lingerie, indoor portion of Joyce’s boudoir shoot and her thoughts on femininity and the experience.

Joyce’s Portrait Along the Seine

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