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Over the rooftops, the last rays of an autumn day. Bare feet on weathered floorboards. The scent of wood, eucalyptus leaves, and long perfumed hair. A delicate woman wearing delicate silk culottes dreaming and looking into the heart of a dazzling city.

There is something about Paris, Parisian apartments and homes that people instinctively find thrilling and glamourous. Too often the “Parisian living” look is overdone and made into somewhat of a caricature. For Joyce’s story and shoot, we wanted to keep it real and effortless, yet polished.

I found floor-to-ceiling windows that opened to ornamented cast-iron balcony balustrades, rooftop views, and original wooden floors at this magnificent apartment in the 7th arrondissement. From downstairs entry and circular staircase to the apartment’s tiny baths and kitchen, and stucco, the home transported us back to the Paris of another era.

The sumptuous, rust and gold couture culottes by Carine Gilson–the hallmark of luxury in the lingerie world–were the crowning jewel to the two-part shoot. The silk and lace are unbelievably soft, delicate, and feel near seamless to the touch, and the appliqué design mirrors the cast-iron ornamentation of the place nicely. Slipping into a piece by Carine is a guarantee to feeling regal and refined.

All in all, the shoot felt like a daydream. We were blessed with time and lots of breathing room to look out onto the city and to enjoy the peaceful moments.

View the first part of Joyce’s portrait in Paris and read about Joyce’s experience and her thoughts on femininity.

Joyce’s Parisian Boudoir Portrait

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