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Feminine Talks

“In my culture an intimate picture of the body is not something natural. My country of origin is a paternalist one. Women used to serve men and used to hide their body for very long. I always felt different from what the society was trying to impose on me. But exposing my body was always an issue. I felt curious about it but insecure doing so. In fact, I was simply not proud of my body.”

Joyce’s Thoughts on Femininity

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“Being a late bloomer in practically every sense, I watched girls in high school and college develop into beautiful women with curves and legs for days, while I remained the same. Even though those years are long gone and I did eventually “bloom,” the insecurities still linger. I look in the mirror and I still struggle to see past who I was and what I looked like 10 years ago.”

Christina’s Thoughts on Femininity

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It’s 6:50am and a very cold and still dark morning when I meet Aimee, San Francisco fashion blogger of The Ohio Transplant, at Sutro Baths. The first thing I see is a big, exuberant smile, then I am greeted with a genuine hug. She is happy to be there, happy to see the beauty of the location. And for the rest of the shoot I find myself smiling big behind the camera.

Aimee of The Ohio Transplant

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