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It’s 6:50am and a very cold and still dark morning when I meet Aimee, San Francisco fashion blogger of The Ohio Transplant, at Sutro Baths. The first thing I see is a big, exuberant smile, then I am greeted with a genuine hug. She is happy to be there, happy to see the beauty of the location. And for the rest of the shoot I find myself smiling big behind the camera.

The look for the shoot was inspired by Aimee’s love of San Francisco and denim jackets. She has six! Sutro Baths was an easy pick for a morning shoot in swimsuit, and Aimee found just the right fur-lined jacket to pair with a vibrant, floral two-piece. Yes, it was cold, but Aimee’s vigor and excitement didn’t let her feel the cold until the very end.

Ariana Rose created a natural, flawless makeup look with bold lip that stayed on perfectly for the whole shoot and after! The fresh look and Aimee’s high energy declared to our surrounding that spring is coming.

Winter. The rising morning sun, cold but soft, then warm. Ripples on the water. Rocks from the past. Cold Air. Yellow buttercup by the stairs in the sand. Winter and Spring. On a bikini, pops of color: a vibrant choice. A vibrant smile. A vibrant soul. Spring.

Aimee of The Ohio Transplant

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