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While you may not have initially considered a Maui maternity photo session, let me assure you that it can be an incredibly meaningful experience. From the transformative beauty of pregnancy to the enchanting landscapes of the island, these sessions and the resulting photos are truly worth it.

Countless clients have returned to me after some time has passed, with baby in arms, expressing their profound gratitude for capturing the precious moments of their pregnancy. Allow me to share just one heartwarming quote with you:

“I can’t express enough how much I adore the maternity photos taken by Emma. They have become some of my absolute favorite pictures of myself, and I will cherish them forever.”

Maui Beach Maternity Photo Session at Ukumehame Lahaina

Here are some tips for making your Maui beach maternity photos special…

Why Take Maternity Photos on Maui?

Maui’s serene ambiance, picturesque landscapes, and the gentle rhythm of the waves create a perfect backdrop for capturing your radiant glow and the joy of anticipation.

It’s is the perfect place to celebrate the beauty of this journey by capturing unforgettable moments with a maternity photo session on the beach or some other beautiful place in nature. 

In this blog post, I’ll some share tips that help make sure that your maternity session will be a truly memorable and effortless experience.

Maui Maternity Babymoon beach session with Lei views of Lanai
Maui pregnancy photo session at beach with flower haku head flower crown and white dress

Best Month To Take Maternity Photos

Clients often ask when is the best time during pregnancy to take maternity photos. 

It’s somewhat of a personal decision that can vary for each expectant mother. However, a popular timeframe for capturing your pregnancy photos is between 28 to 34 weeks. During this time frame your baby bump will be well visible! 

28 weeks is after the first trimester and you’re likely have more energy and feel more comfortable, allowing you to fully enjoy the experience. 

Perhaps you’re here earlier or later in your pregnancy for a babymoon vacation, that’s fine too! Don’t feel like you can’t have maternity photos taken then. The photos are most importantly about that beautiful transformation you’re undergoing, the sweet anticipation of that milestone, and the special bond you have with your partner. 

Maui maternity photographer baby bump with pastel balloons
baby bump parents to be session Maui with pastel balloons
tropical palms and elegant mansion arches Maui maternity pastel balloons

Choosing the Ideal Location for You Maui Maternity Photos

When planning your Maui maternity photo session, select a location that resonates with you and complements your vision. 

Maui offers a multitude of stunning beach options, each with its own unique charm. Consider picturesque spots like Baldwin Beach, Kapalua Bay, or Wailea Beach, known for their pristine shores, golden sand, and breathtaking sunsets. 

If a beach setting doesn’t resonate with you or isn’t accessible, you can absolutely explore other enchanting locations such as a lush rainforest or a serene garden. 

Maui is blessed with diverse landscapes, offering a range of breathtaking backdrops to choose from. A rainforest location can provide a sense of mystique and tranquility, surrounded by towering trees, vibrant foliage, and gentle streams. 

On the other hand, a garden setting can exude elegance and serenity, with blooming flowers and manicured pathways. 

If you’re unsure which setting is best for your Maui maternity photos, here’s a blog post about different Maui Locations For Photos. Or just reach out to me and we’ll collaborate to find the perfect location for you. 

patch through Maui rainforest jungle Honolua hike
maternity garden session Maui
Best Time Of Day For Maui Maternity Photos

Timing is crucial for a successful maternity photo session, especially if it’s to be on the beach. 

The golden hour, which occurs during the first and last hours of sunlight, offers the most magical lighting conditions. 

The soft, warm hues cast by the setting or rising sun create a dreamy atmosphere, enhancing the natural beauty of both you and the surroundings. There will be no harsh shadows or squinting either.

Time of day and location will also determine how busy the location will be. If you chose a popular location, then we might want to meet for a sunrise shoot to avoid the crowds. 

Dressing for Your Maui Maternity Photos

Dressing for maternity session photos is its own whole topic. That’s why I created a Maternity Dressing Guide for my clients, and I have a Pinterest Maternity Style Inspiration Board.

In a nutshell: choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable, and shows your baby bump beautifully. 

Flowing maxi dresses or form-fitting maternity attire are popular choices that flatter expectant mothers. 

Opt for colors that harmonize with the beach environment, such as soft pastels, gentle neutrals, or vibrant shades that contrast against the sandy shoreline. White is a popular and beautiful choice for maternity wear. Yes, we can make that work at the beach!

Maui Maternity Beach outfit dress with blue and pink flowers inspiration what to wear
Take Time To Relax and Enjoy Your Maui Babymoon

Your maternity session is not just a photo shoot for your baby bump. It’s meant as a reflection of the inner transformation you and your partner are going through. 

Allow your photographer to capture candid moments of you enjoying the gentle ocean breeze, walking along the shoreline, or simply embracing each other surrounded by the serenity of the beach or rainforest. 

These authentic and unscripted moments will reflect the joy, love, and anticipation that define this remarkable chapter of your life.

Incorporating Maui Elements

Infuse your Maui maternity photo session with personal touches and natural elements from the beautiful islands of Hawai’i.

Consider incorporating shells you find on the beach, flowers or flower leis from Maui, or even a message written in the sand. 

These elements will add a tropical vibe that will remind you of your beautiful babymoon on Hawai’i.

Maui sandy beach maternity photos with lei

Working with a Professional Photographer

To ensure the best results, collaborate with a professional photographer experienced in maternity beach sessions on Maui. 

A skilled photographer will guide you through poses, suggest best time and locations, and use her expertise to make the most of the beach’s natural elements.

With careful planning, thoughtful styling, and the expertise of a professional photographer, you’ll have stunning photographs that beautifully capture your radiant glow and the anticipation of welcoming your little one into the world. 

Maui Upcountry maternity session pumpkin patch
radiant maternity photos Maui Upcountry pumpkin patch

Book Your Maui Maternity Photography Session Today

Capture the beauty of your pregnancy journey amidst the stunning backdrop of Maui’s natural wonders. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to create timeless and cherished memories of this special time in your life. Book your Maui maternity photo session today and let me help you preserve these cherished memories forever.

To get some more inspiration for your Maui maternity beach session, explore my Maui Maternity Pinterest Board, and to get the best Vacation Tips For A Maui Babymoon check out my blog.

See you soon on Maui,


Maui Maternity Photos — 8 Tips For Success

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