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Visions & Values

I am an idealist and perfectionist with a romantic view of life. I find joy in living and draw my inspiration from rich sensory experiences, such as perfumery and culinary arts; fashions of the late 50s and early 60s; installation art; pristine Japanese design; and nature, most notably forests and fields, gardens of flowers, and the passing of the seasons.

My photographs and styling reflect these influences. I shoot medium format and 35mm film, and provide wardrobe styling and creative design for my portrait sessions. It is my approach to let emotions and interactions unfold naturally after carefully choosing setting, wardrobe, and story.

Shooting film is an artistic choice that requires focus and measured care. Fewer images are shot in total, so every shutter click is intentional and well-considered, which gives more importance to each moment and to each photograph.

The combination of film, natural light, posing, thoughtful storytelling, and my personal aesthetic give the resulting images the vibrant, classic, and genuine look that my clients seek me out for.



My path has been a long one of following my heart, which took me from my native Germany to the USA at 19, through university where I studied philosophy, all the way to a quiet, secluded beach on Hawaii where I married my spunky and slightly eccentric love, Steven. Six years later our baby daughter, Evelyn, arrived and made us a family. The three of us call California home.

I am an avid reader of non-fiction, enjoy sailing the Bay, visiting American national parks, and am always ready for afternoon tea. I bond over a good conversation, movie, or meal, and cook and eat with great pleasure. My favorite cuisine is Italian – closely followed by Japanese.

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