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Raison D’etre

Each year in spring, light pink and white buds explode into bloom and almost at once begin to fall softly, petal by petal. Their short lives remind us to cherish their bloom more deeply and deliberately.

Emma is inspired by the cherry blossom as a symbol of the beauty, luminosity, and fleeting nature of life.

Photography is her medium for creating reminders of the most heartfelt, meaningful, and fleeting moments: the unexpected proposal, the joining of families, the sweet anticipation of pregnancy.

Though the moments pass, the images she makes are at once testaments to them and pieces of art in our homes, forever appreciated for their beauty and meaning.

Emma believes that the photography session itself is an important, aesthetic experience. It allows us to focus on what we care about most deeply, to explore how we see ourselves, and perhaps even discover who we aspire to be.


Emma has styled and shot in many exclusive locations and with some of the most reputable wedding and fashion professionals. Her work has been featured in national and international magazines and blogs. Some of her favorite publications to work with include Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge, and Elizabeth Anne Designs.

Clients and colleagues describe her as “attentive”, “respectful”, “friendly”, “reserved”, “playful”, “invested”, and as “a lady.”

Locations & Language

Emma is based in the San Francisco Bay Area but travels up and down the Pacific Coast of the United States and to Hawaii throughout the year for shoots and events. She also photographs destination assignments worldwide.

Apart from English, Emma fluently speaks German, and understands spoken and written Spanish.

She has successfully worked with ladies, gentlemen, and families who command little to none of those languages: here, she “speaks” simply through calm nonverbal gestures and expressions. Often those sessions are especially memorable and endearing.

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