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A really common question I get from clients is what happens if it rains for your Maui family photos? You might even check out the weather report even before you get to the island, and freak out. Especially during rainy season, when the forecast can look like this…

Hawaii rainy season weather forecast rain all week rain family photos

I totally understand it!

The good and bad news: the weather forecast for Maui means mostly nothing. It can’t be trusted. It can’t be used. Don’t look at it! It will only freak you out. 

If you’ve been to the islands you know that weather changes every 5 minutes here, and that if you drive 5 miles the weather is different, too. 

You can be walking outside in beautiful sunshine and the weather report will say it’s raining.  Or you can be standing in pouring rain with the weather report claiming sunshine and perfect blue skies. Both have happened to me!

So how can you tell if it’s going to rain for your family photo session on Maui?

 Your eyes—the day of the shoot—at the location. That is how I make the call. I check out the weather in person or call on a friend who lives at the site of the shoot, on the day of the shoot. 

If it’s a hurricane or serious rainstorm that’s visiting all of Maui, then we do know that it will rain, and we’ll have to change our plans. 

Rainy season on Hawaii Maui palm trees in rain family photos
Hawaii rainy season ginger flowers in rain family photos
Hawaii rainy season Grand Wailea rain Maui pool with raindrops and ripples

Biggest tips for avoiding a rain during your family photo sessions on Maui

No. 1 — If you’re here for rainy season, book a session for your first or second day on Maui, so you have a back-up day if we need to reschedule. I’m very flexible and will work hard to make the shoot happen for you!

No. 2 — Pick a dry spot for your photo shoot location. Kihei, Wailea, and Lahaina are generally the safest bets. As mentioned, Maui has many microclimates. 

It rarely ever rains in all those places at once. And the drier spots usually work out just fine. However, if we’re shooting on The Road to Hana, expect on and off rain showers. Same goes for the north shore of Maui, including Haiku, during rainy season. 

rainy season on Hawaii Maui beach during rain

When is Rainy Season on Maui?

Maui’s rainy season is from November to March. Those are the wetter winter months. However, since Maui has so many micro climates there are still spots like Lahaina and Kihei and Wailea that are drier than the rest of the island, even during winter. 

rainy season on maui monstera leaves in rain family photos
So what if it rains on the day of the family photo shoot?

If there is no hurricane or large storm present, then I will check the weather at the location, once in the morning and then an hour or two before your shoot. 

If it rains…

Scenario 1: It will be a light rainstorm and stop again in 5 minutes and you’ll get a gorgeous rainbow as a present from Maui. This family had a rainy day Maui beach session and it turned out beautifully!

[rainbow family session]

Scenario 2: The sky will stay overcast and you’ll get a moody sort of Maui beach look, which can be really fun too! Check out this entire Maui Rainy Day Family Beach Photo Session and a Interested board of Rainy Photo Sessions.

[rainy family session]

Scenario 3: It continues to pour. We then have the option to either move your session to another part of the island–it rarely rains in all the great locations at once–or we’ll reschedule your session for another day. No problem! 

That’s why I suggest you book your session for your first or second day on vacation. I work hard to make it work for you.

Worst case: If all else fails, and we have no options to reschedule, then I’ll fully refund your deposit and hope to welcome you again on Maui when the sun shines for your family photos. A hui hou!


So all in all, we are very blessed with great, though fickle weather here on Maui and even during rainy season, I rarely have to altogether reschedule for another day or cancel because of weather.

I hope you feel a bit better and can stop worrying about what will happen if it rains for your Maui family photos.

Here’s the silver lining: a day on Maui is always a great day!

rainy season Maui hibiscus flowers flooded family photos
rainy day photo session on Maui girl hula hooping in rain family photos

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